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Here are some beginner guides for starting your very own web hosting businesses

What is Web Hosting?

This is basically a big computer called a server. Web hosting offers services and lets people rent on their servers or computers. Here, people can use web hosting services to store their sites and have internet connectivity in order for other users to access the files on the platform.

What is a Data Center?

Data Center could be in a room, house, or a building that houses all the computers which are being used as servers. Data centers usually have extra supplies and environment-related controls.

Shared Hosting

There is no root access to this type of hosting. All domains have common server resources like the CPU and RAM. Expenses for this type is extremely low but the capacity to handle high traffic levels is limited and the platform’s performance can be hampered by other websites on the same server.

Virtual Private Server Hosting

This type divides a server into virtual servers. Here, each site seems to host its own dedicated server. However, they’re actually sharing a server with other users.

Dedicated Server Hosting

This type of server hosting has full control over the web server as you exclusively rent this out entirely. This type of hosting is quite pricey and it is only suggested to those who want full control and an improved server performance on their site.

Cloud hosting

Cloud hosting type offers unlimited ability to handle high traffic levels. It is a team of servers called cloud which is working together to host a group of websites. However, many cloud hosting setup does not offer root access and have a higher cost.

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